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The Imagine program is a fantastic enhancement to dance training as it provides a rich learning environment for young students, which is critical at the early stages of life. As a teacher, I particularly liked that the program has themed each lesson, giving the teacher and the students direction. The students even have opportunities to dress up and make props according to the different events that occur throughout the year. The program’s resources and music enhance the content, making it more hands on and play based. The lesson plans are very easy to follow and this can be seen through the easy flow of the lessons. As a teacher, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Imagine Program, and both my students and their parents have welcomed this new style of dance learning with open arms.
Andrea Dalton

The imagine program is a fresh approach to early dance education. As a teacher, I find it easy to follow and full of supportive notes and ideas. The variety and flexibility in the program is great!
Anna Chipperfield

We have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the NEW “Imagine” dance program with the lovely Mrs Andrea Dalton.Our beautiful little ones are of the age 3.5 and 5.5 years, I must say they had a fantastic time, dancing, displaying confidence and enthusiasm with each new activity.The class was diverse, lively and notably entertaining. The children shared their excitement and were eager to perform and show us their capabilities.We thoroughly enjoyed watching our girls knowing that it was both educational and uplifting.We thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something special and look forward to what the future holds.
Katherine Lincoln