Frequently Asked Questions – For Teachers

Why should I become an Imagine school?

Imagine is a unique opportunity for you to grow your business using tried and tested lesson plans. These lesson plans will assist in the delivery of suitable and creative activities for the 2 – 5 year age group. There are 12 lesson plans in 3 Levels contained within Volume 1 together with an activity book and classroom handout resources. We take the lesson planning process off your hands and have done all the work for you.

How do I become an Imagine school?

By registering as an official user of the program. Once a registered user you will have access to the Imagine Registered User section of the website where you can purchase the program and other resources for use in the studio. You will also have access to the logo for advertising purposes. Please contact for further information.

What does registration entitle me to?

It will entitle you to purchase resources for the Imagine program. It will entitle you to advertise the program in your school. It will entitle you to include the logo in your advertising either newspaper, website, Facebook page etc. It will entitle you to attend training workshops and seminars. It will entitle your school to be listed on the Imagine website with no additional charges.

As a registered user of Imagine, can I purchase ATOD resources in other genre?

You can only purchase ATOD resources in other genre if you are an ATOD member. We welcome you to apply for membership by contacting for further information.

Are there any additional costs such as franchise fees?

No. All registered users only pay for their annual registration, which must be maintained annually to advertise that you are an Imagine school, any resources you wish to purchase. There are no franchise joining fees or ongoing monthly fees.

Can the students be assessed in the Imagine work?

Assessments are available if you are an ATOD financial member. The assessment program is available for purchase through the ATOD members only section and includes 3 levels in jazz, tap and classical ballet. They are delightful and include syllabi and music CDs. The students assessed receive a certificate with positive comments on their class with their teacher and a delightful medal – a brooch with jazz, tap and ballet shoes dependent on the genre. Level 1 is a bronze medal, Level 2 is a silver medal and Level 3 is a gold medal.

Is the assessment like an examination?

No the assessment is like a normal class where the teacher takes the children for their class and present their various activities to their special ‘guest’ the examiner. The activities are based on play dance and the assessment is based on participation and not on technique or musicality.

Why should I consider assessments for my students?

The assessments are an opportunity for parents to include the certificate in the children’s achievement
folders. It also introduces parents to the assessment program that ATOD is renowned for – a fun way to
receive a certificate and medal and give parents, relatives and teachers an opportunity to build self-esteem.
International parents include the certificates in the children’s CV when applying for kindergarten placement.

What sort of comments do the children receive on their assessment certificate?

You mimed and sang beautifully in I’m a Little Teapot today Kirsty.
What a delightful frog with excellent elevation developing in your Frog Jumps!
You showed lots of energy and enthusiasm in The Firefighter. Fabulous work seen throughout!

George – you showed excellent co-ordination developing in the Floorwork and in Circle Time!
Very good listening and concentration skills were evident throughout.
The Jazz Dance to finish was fabulous! Congratulations George.

Alice, excellent stamping heard with pleasing variety between loud and soft stamps – very clever!
The Music Band was delightful with rhythmical use of the tambourine and fabulous freezes.
Your Dance was beautifully shown with very good musicality and a delightful smile! Great work today!

Henry – excellent musicality and rhythm evident during Silly Stamping and Clever Clapping today!
Double Ball Drops were well executed – you made a fabulous Pirate!
Dizzy Directions was shown with a great understanding of travelling through the space – well done!!

Classical Ballet
Delightful use of arms in your fairy runs Sarah.
Co-ordination is developing well with excellent skips seen.
You showed good rhythm and musicality in your work today. Delightful Sarah!

George – you were a wonderful Super Hero in your entrance runs today!
Very good listening and concentration skills were evident throughout.
Driving a Car was very well shown with excellent acting seen. Great work today!